Do you ship outside of the US?

No, we only provide shipping within the US.

Gift wrapping and packaging

Yes, I have a gift wrapping service.  When you’re checking out, there’s a place for you to include a message about your wishes regarding packaging or a greeting card.

Do you take custom and personalized orders?

Yes, I can fulfill custom and personalized orders. Leave me a message about your order.

Do you offer wholesale?

Yes. Contact me for pricing. 

What colorant do you use? 

We use only natural colorant: beet roots, matcha, turmeric. 

Our goal is to use only natural remedies. Unlike aromatic fragrances which are often a product of oil refining and carry a real danger to the skin (possible allergies and irritation), we only use essential oils that do not give off very pungent and strong odors. Yet when they interact with the skin, they provide immense benefits.

The next danger lies in dyes. We all know about the dangers of food coloring - the same story is with bath bombs. Without dyes, you would not see the beautiful bubbling colored foam that’s all over social media. Chemical dyes penetrate the skin through the pores enlarged by the steam, harming its structure and balance. We use only natural dyes, which are harmless.