Welcome to Lensik I&V! My name is Elena and I’m the owner of this shop.

My story begins in childhood where handmade matchstick dolls were princesses and summertime playdoh creations were knights; where everything and anything was made by crafty little hands.

My seven siblings and I knew that if we wanted to experience a fuller life living in a cramped fourth floor apartment in the big city, we’d have to actively create it. We became bold, resourceful, and wildly imaginative. Our world was never limited by what we did not have, but was rather enlarged by what we did have. For this I am eternally thankful to my beloved parents.

Fast forward to today and you’ll see that not much has changed. Thanks to the encouragement and help of my sister and niece, I opened Lensik I&V. Here I offer products inspired by the thrill of creative pursuit, a love for all things wholesome, and a passion for incredible results. Every single product is crafted with the highest quality organic ingredients through the highest quality processes guaranteeing a matchless experience for you. The truth is, my hands never stopped creating and I hope that my products never stop amazing you!